Contact: Barbara

Barbara Monahan a.k. b42

Barbara arrived at Grace Church in July 2020 as a Seminarian intern. She quickly acclimated to Grace Church’s Vestry team who nicknamed her Barbara 42 or b42 because there are many people named Barbara at Grace Church!

As our Seminarian intern Barbara has been an integral part of the Sunday Worship team. She developed and facilitates our biweekly Sunday JOY! Service for children. She developed and facilitates a virtual weekly Wednesday healing service and participates in our weekly Monday night bible study.

Barbara was hired as Grace Church’s Parish Administrator in December 2020. In this role Barbara provides a presence and contact for Grace Church members, Montessori school team and vendors. In addition, she is ensuring the church office work is kept current while documenting processes.

b42 loves to receive phone calls, email and post mail so please don’t be shy!

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