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The time and talents of so many of you have enabled and inspired our healing and homecoming. Your efforts are all greatly appreciated. If you would like to donate to Grace Church please click below. You will have the option to select from various options for how your money will be allocated, options include the general fund, support for the food to go program and our outreach fund.

You can't out give God

The first mission here at Grace is to grow the church and spread the good news of Jesus Christ. . Critical to this growth is the second mission to provide programs that invite and involve our youth. The third mission is to expand our outreach to the community. The fourth mission is to ensure the fiscal health of the church for our present and succeeding generations.

Dag Hammarskjold coined a phrase that captures the promise of these missions and our hopes in moving forward with your help and the grace of God. We have chosen these words as our inspiration.

“For all that has been – Thanks. For all that will be – Yes!”

We honor our past, pray for our present, and open our arms, minds, and hearts to our future.

The time and talents of so many of you have enabled and inspired our healing and homecoming. Your efforts are all greatly appreciated.


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To find out more about how to donate your time and talents please contact the parish office. 

Parish News

In 2020 we welcomed a new Priest-in-Charge, Reverend Karen Rezach, who is bringing fresh insight, energy, and leadership to our parish. In her brief tenure thus far, she has led the effort to return to church, to expand our Sunday services out into cyberspace, to celebrate a children’s Joy Service, and to initiate Bible study and Bereavement groups. Reverend Karen offers her wealth of experience in education and the ministry to guide us in growing our congregation and nurturing our faith. And she is just getting started.

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Did you know?

Grace Church is sponsoring Scout Troops

In hard times...

During hard times and easy times, we believe Jesus walks alongside us.


We have groups for all ages. Join us!

Promoted Events at Grace Church Rutherford

9am - 5pm Saturday March 2nd and Saturday March 9th
March 2, 2024
In 2024, we will have two Saturdays in March 2024 where we will allow people to come and select an outfit from our temporary boutique.
Every Sunday at 10am
A service of song, teaching and prayer. ALL are welcome.